rock cycle

Rocks are very important because rocks came from a volcano to a igneous rock to a sediment then a sedimentary rock to a metamorphic rock to a magma then is starts all over again rocks are very colorful sedimentary rocks are sandstone and limestone conglomerate rocks are very cool    


Egypt is a nice big place the Egypt flag is black white and red some of my cousins live there some times in the summer they vised me.The pyramids are very big it is even bigger than a house.I like to ride the camels they are tall.there is towns in Egypt they speck different language […]


A theme is things that you can find on a book in life or you self. Here are some of themes friendship honest courage friendship means to make new friends courage is some one that is excepting a risk. themes are fun to find in books.  

wheelchair basketball

last year we had a assembly in the gym there were 4 men named Darren, Vince, Dan/ Sparkles, Shawn. they were riding wheelchair and playing basketball they had a disability Darren was in the nave and there was a boom underground and he stepped on it and his lag got broken. Vince lost his legs in […]

bloging challenge

48 PirateThis week we are doing a story chain in our class.I will rite gust part of the story then you will add to it. then you can comment below. You can also you can solve the jigsaw puzzle.   once upon a time there was a sneaky and stinky pirates they want to find […]

My Thanksgiving

I eat turkeys in Thanksgiving my mom gets the stuffing out of the turkeys. I invited my cousin and my ant. We hade a lot to get there. I play with my friend. We play outside and have fun there. I like to have thanksgiving in my cousin’s house because we play together and there is a lot of space. […]